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Are KURT AND AMANDA From Joe Millionaire Still Together? Explained


Are Kurt And Amanda From Joe Millionaire Still Together? Explained: Kurt and Amanda are one of the most popular and lovable couples from Joe Millionaire. The couple met each other on the reality show, Joe Millionaire. They both have a huge fan following on social media platforms. Both are some of the prominent and well-known personalities, especially known as reality show stars. These days, the couple has become a hot topic of discussion regarding their relationship. Yes, several fans of them have a question that if they are still together or not. The fans are searching to know more about both of them and their relationship. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about Kurt and Amanda. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kurt And Amanda From Joe Millionaire

Are Kurt And Amanda From Joe Millionaire Still Together?

As we all know that the popular dating reality shows Joe Millionaire wrapped up yesterday revealing the names of the winners of the season. In the final episode, initially, the fans speculated Kurt would choose Carolyn Moore. After seeing their romance, passion, and attraction, the fans assumed they would be an endgame. But things got complicated for both of them when Kurt started to feel for Amanda. However, it was assumed that Amanda made her entry and stole his heart. Their fans also highly liked their cute and adorable relationship on the show.


After the show, their split rumors started going viral and left their fans upset. Yes, it has been confirmed that the couple is no longer with each other. However, the couple gave a chance to each other after the show but maybe things didn’t work out for them. As per the reports of Distratify, Kurt has been admitted that their relationship didn’t work and they split. He revealed that when they came to the real world and tried to understand each other, they failed to do so and ended their relationship.

He believed that they had not spent enough time with each other to understand each other in the show. They both try to make things work for them in their relationship but they discovered that they both are completely different from each other. It has been said that when the cameras stopped rolling, things got changed among them.

In the finale episode, Kurt chose Amanda which made all his fans happy as she made him happy several times. He also felt she is the one for him. However, throughout the show, Kurt was spotted with Carolyn and romancing with her that’s why it was also a shock for the fans. The couple has separated from each other and enjoying their lives.

Joe millionaire finale Kurt sowers already single split from the winner, In the finale of ‘Joe Millionaire’ for richer or poorer Kurt sowers does not find love dring the show. But he got another twist in his life during the show. If you are also like to watch ‘Joe Millionaire’ and you want to know all the detail about the then this article gives you all the information about your favorite show finale episode and other things also. If you like to watch ‘Joe Millionaire’ then you will be shocked when you know that this big upset news. Kurt chooses Amanda Pace in the finale rather than not Carolyn. When everyone was thinking that Carolyn would be the finalist of the show. This is the first shock and the second, shocking news is Kurt and Amanda are already dunzo.

What is the full information?

As per the source, Kurt and Amanda are not couples now. They have been lasted their relationship back in December, not long after the show wrapped filming in the fall. They did not disclose the news before, they kept it private. As per the report, they ended their relationship about a month and a half.

The cause behind the separation of the couple

It is not clear yet, why did couple ended their relationship at this time. Is it was doing something wrong between them for a long time and this time they have to end their relationship on this stage. They simply realized that their relationship was not going to work outside of the show as their lives were heading in different a great simply put… they just were not a great match, romantically. Maybe they realize that they both are not for each other and to be separate from each other will be good for each other.

What are they doing now?

As per some reports, Kurt is back on the market and looking for love. He thinks that he would meet his perfect match as soon. He just needs to be calm. He is searching for his life partner in every part of the world. He has a full surety that, the separation between him and his girlfriend would be a good decision for both of them. About Amanda, there is no official information available. What is she doing after the breakup? How is she trying to move in her life now? Obviously, it is a hard time for both of them. Special Amanda, who did she overcome from this pain.

What are the fan’s reactions towards them?

Many fans of the show speculated on social media that he had chosen Carolyn. But it is just a rumor nothing else. He is separated just now, and he is also trying to come out from this problem of his life. Everyone knows that he is not rebounding with her. He is single right now and nothing is not behind it.

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