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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 25th January 2021 Preeta Got Another Evidence Against Akshay


Presenting you another “Kundali Bhagya” written episode update of 25th January 2021. The episode starts with Preeta talks to Srishti and Sameer on call, discussing how to reveal Akhay’s truth. Then we gonna see Akshay tells Megha that he falls for her. And she asks him about his and Kritika’s marriage. Where he says that “I’m only getting marry to her for money not because I love her”. And she gives a hug to home.

Kundali Bhagya

The next morning, Preeta and Srishti discuss Akshay in the car outside Akshay’s house. They both are there to spies on him. Preeta sees Akshay and calls her driver to start the car so, that they can follow him but the driver doesn’t come. Meanwhile, Sameer reaches there with his car and tells them to sit. Akshay reaches to meet her girlfriend Ruchika. Preeta, Srishti, and Sameer saw them hugging each other and they click their photos. He shares with Ruchika about last night. Then that sit in the car and leave from there.

Karan reaches home and found that Preeta is not at home. Then he calls Preeta but she goes nervous wondering “what will she answer to him if he asks her about where is she?” and the call cut. Karan calls and again and say sorry to her for last night. Karan hears the sound of a horn which makes him doubting Preeta and he cuts the call afterward. Akshay drops Ruchika at her home and Preeta decides to go inside her house. They went into Ruchika’s house and found an album of Akshay and Ruchika. And they capture the pictures on the phone.

Preeta tells Srishti to make a hard copy of these pictures where Srishti asks why? Preeta reminds her about their last mistake and says we can’t repeat it. Then they leave for home. Preeta and Karan start the convo, and he yells at her that she lies to him. Preeta asks him what exactly he is trying to say?

Karan replies that when we were on the call I hear the sound of horns but you told me that you are at your mother’s home, which was a lie. Preeta gets shocked after listening to him. And Maira is secretly listening to their conversation standing near the door. Keep following our site to catch the written episode updates of “Kundali Bhagya” watch the full episode on Zee tv at 9:30 PM Mon-Fri.

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