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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 21st January 2021: Preeta Apologize To Akshay?


We are here with another “Kundali Bhagya” written episode update of 21 January 2021. The episode starts with Akshay’s mother says to Sarala to stop scolding her son, it’s enough now, and she can’t tolerate it anymore.  Where Sarla justifies her statement by saying that she is telling a truth about her daughters that they can’t be characterless and wrong. Akshay confronts Srishti by saying she hugged him and it was so close not only this she says Hi to me. Even though she knows that I’m not interested in her as I’m already getting married to Kritika.

Kundali Bhagya

Karina believes in what Akshay is saying. And exclaims that she know both the sisters eagerly wants to wreck Kritika’s relation, as Srishti likes Akshay. Preeta tries to explain to Karina that Akshay is lying, he is not an honest person. Where Karan Stops Karian and says let everyone go and then only we will discuss further. Kritika requests all to disclose the matter here only as she knows both Akshay and Preeta. Sarla decides to leave the party as she can’t tolerate the blame on her daughters. Karan drops Sarla and Janki at home. Before leaving Sarla questions Preeta, why she did it. She says I warned you not to do anything to reveal Akshay’s truth as I am was sure Luthra’s will only believe Akshay, not you.

Mahira calls her mom and tells everything to Ramona. Whereas Romona denies accepting it. Meanwhile, Sherlin comes and talks to Ramona on call. But Ramona mentions that Preeta must not do all this as she never let her sister marry Akshay. And  Preeta might have to do it for something else.

Akshay standing behind Preeta exclaims to her that Sameer is about to tell Srishti for his feelings but somehow Karina Ji stops him. And Preeta warns him that she will definitely reveal his truth and wash out all the blames for Srishti and me. Preeta enters the hall and listens to everyone in the hall bitching about her. Meanwhile, Akshay comes and again shows his fake emotions to the family by saying “thank you all to believe me as it’s on my character and might be I could never be able to prove me right’. Krina stops Akshay when he is leaving there and he wonders that “thank god everything is going according to the plan”. After this Karina orders Preeta to apologize to Akshay.

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