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Kundali Bhagya, 31 July 2021, Written Update, Preeta Faint In Sonakshi’s Haldi Ceremony!


The episode begins with a new twist and shock for all the family members. They will be going to know the truth about Preeta that she isn’t pregnant. And this will be going to be disheartening for everyone. The reaction of all the family members is shaking and Preeta is also hurt and broken. She even feeling shameful. This isn’t easy for everyone to digest this truth.

Kundali Bhagya

Kran will also seem disappointed and heartbroken As he is curiously waiting for her child to become in this world so that he can play along with his child. He is super excited to become a dad. On the other hand, when Mahesh gets to know about this he is also broken as he is also waiting curiously to become a grandfather. Just like them, everyone is excited and planning lots of things for the new guest in their family. But after knowing the truth they all are shaken.

If we talk about Srishti she is also upset and crying for her sister. She was also excited to become Massi but Truth makes her devastated. Wars as Preeta’s mother is still unaware of the truth and she is planning lots of all things for Preeta’s baby. She is also curious to become a Nnai. And waiting for the day to play with her daughter’s kids. But when she gets to know this she will also go to broken.

But in the upcoming episodes, we will be going to see that Sherlin is the one who planned all these against Preeta. The doctor lies to her that she isn’t pregnant and never does she will going to receive another baby. When Preeta gets to know this she uses t go to Sherlin and ask her why does she do to her. What does she want? Why is planned such a bad thing?

But Sherlin is speechless. Whereas the reason Sherlin did this is her jealousy. As we all know that Prithvi loves Preeta and Shelin is his ex so use to getting jealous of this. And this is also going to reveal in front of everyone after this Karina Bua becomes angry at Sherlin. The serail is becoming more appealing these days so don’t forget to watch it on Zee Tv. We are here to update you with the written update of the upcoming episodes before tv.

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      • Well imma guy and watching this elongated drama on same pitch is now boring i got excited when the true colors were about to exposed but as of now mahira leaves i was ok that sherlyn n prithvi will be casted out too but they didn’t next we have preet pregnant it was amazing we found she had twins we were more excited but now she isn’t pregnant and thats how the show is boring for me now and moreover……… This story is totally fake bcoz sarla only knows about it no one else does

  1. Want each and every update of the upcoming eposodes because I’m a big fan of Kundali Bhagya and #PreeRan. Please continue to update each and every episode in a written form. And thank you so much for uploading

  2. the truth is that preeta is pregnant and also that she has been lied to by the doctor because this sherilyn and prithvi plan against preeta but l pray that during sonaskhi haldi ceremony preeta faints and then rajat mum check her and then he tells the family members and karan that she is really pregnant and that she has been lied to by the doctor who told her that she can’t been pregnant which is a complete lie and pray that the nurse tells rishabh or sarla when they reach the hospital that preeta pregnancy reports were wrong and that she is really pregnant


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