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Kundali Bhagya 2 August 2021, Written Update, Preeta Exposs Front Of Karan!


The episode begins with Preeta os upset to know that she isn’t pregnant. Then she is sitting in her room and crying non-stop. She gets a call from her mother. She asked Preeta whether she is fine or not. Preeta started to cry and she tells her that “I’m not pregnant.” Doctors confirm my test and then she said that “I have fertility issues and that night not going to receive ever.”

Kundali Bhagya

So can’t receive a baby in my womb. Her mother uses to get tensed and worried after talking to Preeta. She is crying like a little girl. And her g is just and every girl wishes to become another one day. But she isn’t gonna hold her baby in her womb. Preeta asks her mother that what she will do if Kran gets to know about the truth. She says he might get broken and hurt to know this. She says that Karan can’t take this and he might even stop talking to me after knowing the truth.

While she is crying Karan enters her room and he is in shock that she is crying like a baby. Preeta tries to behave calmly and then she uses to clean her eyes. Later we will ging to see that Sherlin goes to the hospital and she asks for Preeta’s report to them. When she sees her report she gets to know that Preeta isn’t pregnant. Then she uses to tell this to Karina Bua. And she reacted shockingly to this.

After this, we will see that Srishti is also upset and she is wondering what to do now. She is also worried about Preeta. She calls her and they use to talk what if Karan gets to know the truth what will be the reaction of all the housemates. Whereas Sherlin will be seen creating issues in Preeta’s life. She tries to create a situation worts and bad for her. But let us inform you that you will also be going to see that.

Preeta is pregnant and the doctor mistakenly exchanges her report to someone else.  After this things will be sorted. And everyone continues to take care of Preeta. Then Sjerlins’truth will also reveal in front of everyone that she hates Preeta. So stay tuned to us to grab all the upcoming updates of the serial Kundali Bhagya.

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