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Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2021 full episode written update: Sherlyn and Prithvi breaks up!


The episode tonight begins with Preeta get the call from Srishti and she informs her about the danger.  Later there is a party in the house and Preeta shares with everyone that she is pregnant. All the family members are happy. Whereas some are in shock and they use to hate this news. Karn is also happy to know about this.

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta’s mother and Shrishti congratulate her. Her mother goes emotional. Then Dai Maa exclaims that she will be going to receive twins. Then everyone uses to ask her he can be she is so sure about it. Then she says that I’m Dai and o have experience with these things. There is the biggest smile on everyone’s face. Then they use to cut to cakes one of a birthday cake and another is for Preeta for conceiving a baby. There us two happiness in the family.

Later they use to makes everyone have the cake. After this Preeta nad is cut together. Then everyone has seen dancing together and enjoying the moments. Karna’s dad will be seen dancing to Meri Duniya’s song. This shows how happy he is with the news of Prerts’s pregnancy. After this Rakhi ensures Preeta’s mom to not get worried for her as she is her to take care of Preeta. Then her mother tells Srishti to leave but she denies it by saying I want to stay some more time here.

Srishti is getting excited and says that I want to stay here so that I can talk to Preeta di about her pregnancy then her mother tells her to talk to her on phone. After this Sarla say that I will come here after some days to take Preeta home along with her. Then she holds Srishti’s hand and tells her to come along with her. After this, we will be going to see that Prithvi is getting jealous to listen to this news.

But he tried to make himself calm and says I don’t have any issue with a baby. Only Preeta Ji matters for me and one day she will be mine. Later he receives a call from Sherlin, she tells him that she will not be going to trust him again. As she knows that he still feels for Preeta. Anf the epioasde ends here.


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