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Kundali Bhagya, 19th August 2021, Written Update, Sonakshi Tell This Big Truth To Preeta!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Kundali Bhagya” of 19 August 2021. The episode begins with Sona is completely broken but Preeta goes to ger and she tells her to be strong and fight back to them. As they use to put questions to her upbrings which directly leads to her parents. Then Preeta tells her to comes along with her and answer all the questions to Rajat and his family.

Kundali Bhagya

Sona comes into the hall and she tells Rajat that what she used to feel for him and how badly she use to hurt with her actions. She further says that “I thought you have trust in me and you will not gong to accept what others as been saying about me. Bur what you have didi is just unacceptable and expected from you.

You were leaving me dining me to get married. But I leave you and I don’t want to get married to a guy like you. You are good for nothing if you haven’t trust me and teh girl whom you are getting married to. ” Then Rajat’s uncle says that “how could we let our son get married to you without any investigation.” Then Karan comes forward and he tells Rajat’s chacha Ji not to say a word against Sona.

Then Sonakshi asks Rajat’s family to prove that she is already married and if they are failed to prove this then I will going to make your family face jail. I’m not going to accept you as my husband ever and I want your family to prove this as it’s about my reputation.

She further says to her that “to get married to such a jerk it’s better to live alone. ‘ Then Preeta tells her that she isn’t alone as “I’m with her.” After this Srishti also comes forward and he says to Sona that “I’m also with you.” And the entire family of Karan stands with Sona in her support. Then Rajta’s uncle shows evidence in which it has been written that “Sonakshi Rai Chand have birth to a baby girl in 2015.”

Everyone is supporting Sona and they use to give the answer to each and every question of Rajatas’ family. Karina Bua also uses to takes a stand for Sona. His uncle further says that the “father of Sona’s daughter is Karan.” And this has been made everyone remains stunned and shocked. And the episode ends here.

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