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Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2021 full episode written update: Karan-Sonakshi Married? Preeta Pregnant?


Here we are with the written episode update of your favorite serial “Kumkum Bhagya” of 18 August 2021. The episode begins with Sonalashi and Rajat are getting married. They are looking happy together.  The Phera’s are almost done and now it’s time to apply sindoor. Meanwhile, we will see that Rajat’s uncle comes there and he stooped him to apply sindoor in Sonakshi’s maang. Everyone remains stunned to see this.

Kundali Bhagya

Then he tells them that this wedding can’t take place eas Sonakshi is already married and she even has a child. She is a mother of a girl. Everyone is in shock and they aren’t ready to accept this. Then Rajat shows some evidence regards what he is claiming. Sonakshi started to cry and she says that “whatever he is saying is a lie as there wasn’t any relationship like this between me and Karan.

Then Rajat also denies getting married to Sonakshi. Everyone asks him why is he doing this what’s wrong with him. Then he uses to leave from there, but Sonakshi stops him asking him why he denies getting married. Then he says “I want to know why do you hide from me about your first marriage.” Then Sonakshi says that “whatever you are saying is a lie there is nothing like that. After this Raja’s uncle shouts at her and he says her not to raise her voice and wait till the evidence comes.

Then Sonakshi’s father uses to feel bad for their behavior signals his daughter. He drags Shrikant and tells him to not lie and don’t even dare to say a single word about my daughter. He takes a stand for his daughter and says not to blame my daughter anymore. After this, we will see that Preeta comes forward and she also takes a stand for Sona. She says that if ‘Sona was married then why will she do second marriage. Preheat asks Rajat “whether he trusts Sona or not.”

Then Rajat replies, “I used to trust her, but then the truth is something disheartening and how can I get married to her if she is already married.”  Whereas he isn’t ready to trust Sona without seeing the evidence and Sona leaves from there. After this Preeta says that “he must not get married to Sona as he doesn’t deserve her.” Sona is completely broken and she keeps on crying. The episode ends here.

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