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Kundali Bhagya 15 September 2021 Written Update: Rishab Is Pihu’s Father!


Hello readers, we are back with another astonishing update of the popular serial “Kundali Bhagya” on 15th September 2021. The serial is currently on its loop and portraying next-level drama in the current storyline. As the viewers already know that Preeta and Sonakshi both want Pihu and after the accident of Sonakshi Preeta decided to bring Sonakshi to her home so that she can spend her time with Pihu and meanwhile Preeta will take care of her. Sherlyn is highly upset with the decision of Preeta and even Sonakshi warns her that she will protect Preeta from her evil eyes and plans. Let’s see what next is going to happen.

Kundali Bhagya

The promo of the serial is giving a glimpse of the upcoming episode as the viewers can watch that everyone is still in the hospital. Preeta asks the nurse about the arrangement of blood and the nurse informs her that blood has been arranged in the name of Karan Luthra and going to take the blood from the blood bank. In the meantime, Karan came there and inform everyone that he made the arrangement of the blood and now I think we should go the home and Kareena also says yes you are right to let’s go home.

We are here for so long and we have made all the arrangements for her and now there is no point in staying here and she is not our family member and in fact, she did not do any amazing work for which we need to stay here and take care of her, so it’s better to let’s go home. She further says if any formality will be required we will send someone. Preeta says whom we will send and then Kareena says her father will take care of her and she is his responsibility, not ours.

Kareena notices the expression of Preeta and she goes to her and says Preeta don’t tell me that you are feeling Sonakshi’s accident happened because of you or us. I am right you are feeling that but you should not feel guilty. In another promo, Preeta and Karan are playing with Pihu and Preeta says Karan Ji and then Karan says why you are messing her she is a small kid and then he says to Pihu that Rishabh is my big brother and then Pihu says then why I don’t have a big brother. Preeta and Karan get confused and could not understand what to say. Well that’ all for today, we will soon be back with further updates till then watch this episode of “Kundali Bhagya” on the Zee TV channel at 9:30 PM, and stay tuned with us.

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