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Kundali Bhagya, 13th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Preeta In Jail Rishabh Exposs Prithvi


Kundali Bhagya, 13th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Preeta In Jail Rishabh Exposs Prithvi: The episode starts with Karan as he says to himself that he is not Preeta’s servant who will follow her order. Sameer asks him what happened but he ignores him and leaves. Karan then bumps into Natasha and saves her from falling down. She thanks him but he burst out his anger on her and leaves. Sameer comes to her and says that Karan is behaving like that as he had a fight with Preeta. Here, Nagre asks Prithvi if he is sure that Preeta will react like this only as he said. He says yes as he knows her well and knows what will be triggered her. He makes a call to someone. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta asks Sherlyn about Nagar. Sherlyn tells her that she is not her secretary to tell her about anyone. Preeta says that she doesn’t have the qualifications to become someone’s secretary. Kareena praises Preeta tauntingly as she handled Nagre well. Preeta questions Sherlyn that what she has done for the family in her absence. She says that if she would have in this house, she never let Prithvi overtake this house or anything. Nagre arrives there. Preeta asks whether he liked the tea. He says that tea was good but maybe she won’t like what he is going to do.

She asks her to say anything after thinking. Prithvi comes there and taunts her. She taunts him for interfering. She asks her to be thankful that she didn’t throw him out of this house. He says that she can’t do anything.  She asks him not to challenge her as she is waiting for the right time to take action against him. He says if she wanted then he can fire Karan immediately. Preeta gets angry and pushes him. She asks him to leave the house. Nagre calls someone and the police arrive there. Prithvi acts like he is feeling dizzy.

He tells the police to arrest Preeta as she tried to kill his client. Rakhi defends Preeta saying that he crossed his limits by entering Preeta’s personal space that’s why she took this step in her self-defense. Preeta says that she didn’t do anything wrong. Nagre says that she has proven it in court. Police take Preeta from there. Karan tells Sameera that Preeta asked him to start his cricket practice again. Sameer gets happy. They go to the house. Nagre taunts Preeta who says to him that his act was childish and soon, he will get to know what will happen now. Karan comes home and asks about Preeta. Prithvi says that she was there, where he deserves to be, in jail. Keep watching your favorite show “Kundali Bhagya” on Zee Tv at 09:30 pm.

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