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Kundali Bhagya, 12th August 2021, Written Update, Preeta Is Pregnant Report!


We are here with the written update of your favorite serial “Kundali Bhagya” of 12 August 2021. The episode begins with Krithika and Prithivi are in their room and they both get romantic. After this Krothika tells him that she has to go as everyone is waiting for her. And she leaves, this Prithvi wonders “thank gid she left from here and she didn’t ask me to have a tea with her.” Then she comes and tells him that sorry I can’t have tea with him.

Kundali Bhagya

Then Prothivo acted sadly and Kritoka tells him to have tea with her. Then he tells her that no I think you must attend the Haldi ceremony as everyone is waiting for you. She smiles and levels from there. After this Prtihivi says why she uses to feel shy and smile all the time. Then we will see that in a hall everyone is celebrating a Halid ceremony and everyone is looking happy. The theme of the ceremony is blue. Preeta also comes there and she asks Karan where he has been gone. Then Karan brings a rose for her.

Preeta asks him why he brings a rose for her, then he says that it’s not for you. Preeta smiles and he says that it’s for you only and you are looking very pretty. Meanwhile, a courier man betters there. Later we will see that Sherlin tells Karina Bua that we have to go in a hall as Preeat’s pregnant reports are about to fetch by a courier man. After this Karina Buya says that “if Preeta’s pregnancy is fake then everyone in a family is going to have become so upset.

As you know that when you had a miscarriage that tike everyone is broken and they got so tensed. I hope everything will be fine.” Then Sherlin acted so nice in front of her for Preeta but she has been planned things against Preeta. After this, we will see that Preeta and Karan use to spend quality time with each other and a romantic track plays in the background.

After this, we will also see that Sherlin gets worried that where our reports go. She used to find the reports along with Karina Bua. But Preeta is unaware of anything and she is busy spending time with Kran. What will happen next stay connected to us to watch the full episode on Zee Tv.

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  1. karan that dr preeta she is not pregnant
    karan please try to understand that
    karan that dr preeta she will carry so please karan you hug to dr preeta.
    sherlyn what you said for Karthika to staying away from there say like that see sherlyn if you do like this otherwise Karthika she will gets upest because of that sherlyn keep it your mind.
    prithiv malthore you don’t see sherlyn stop that prithiv malthora don’t do that i promise that prithiv malthora go near to Karthika that is nice
    prithvi malthora I have request for you we should not go near to sherlyn please try to understand.
    prithvi malthora you don’t think about sherlyn understand that what I am saying for you.

  2. I hope Preeta is pregnant, she took a test also the midwife confirmed it.. could the doctor be wrong in whose tests she had? How can Kareena be so dumb,Sherlyn is overly jealous of all the love and attention Preeta is getting.. why did she get Preeta’s report there, it’s not her business..


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