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Molkki 15th September 2021 full episode written update: Priyasi Slaps Dhvani!


Today’s episode begins with the village’s ladies who come to Virendra’s house to celebrate the Karwa Chauth. The ladies give their blessings Purvi. Purvi feels weird and thinks that why is everyone talking to her so nicely as they know her earlier. Here, Daksh makes a call to Virendra and asks him about Nani’s health. He tells Daksh that Nani is fine now. Daksh says to him that he will come to the hospital after breaking Purvi’s fast. After that, the doctor allows Nani to go home but she denies it. The doctor says that he can admit her for tonight. She says that it will be good.


Virendra wonders if Nani is acting only. After that, Virendra reaches the house, and Chandni gets mesmerized seeing him. She then goes to meet him. Manas and Juhi meet Virendra and hugs him. The kids show him Purvi and he gets mesmerized. Juhi praises her. Purvi comes to him and asks about Nani. He reminisces that how the doctor allowed to give sleeping pills to Nani so that she can sleep.  He tells her that there is no need to worry about Nani and tells her that she is sleeping right now. He tells her that they can bring her home tomorrow morning.

All the ladies start Karwa Chauth Puja. Daksh compliments Purvi and she too compliments him. Virendra comes and stands behind Purvi. Juhi makes DakshDakst bend deliberately so that Purvi will be able to see Virendra’s face instead of Daksh’s face. Purvi gets a flashback of her last year Karwa Chauth with Virendra. Daksh says to Purvi that he is very hungry and is about to make her drink water but Manas bumps into them knowingly. Virendra makes drink water to Purvi.  Virendra gives chocolate to Purvi and Daksh. Virendra feels happy thinking that he broke Purvi’s fast.

Here, Veer also breaks Sudha’s fast. She then asks her to give the gift. He tells her what gifts, she wants. She asks him about gold bangles. He tells her that he didn’t bring any gift for her. She thinks about why is he lying. Meanwhile, Priyu comes there and slaps Purvi tightly which everyone. She says to Purvi that she ruined her life so how can she be happy in her life. Virendra comes there and says that Priyu is mad. Virendra asks Veer to get her out of the place. Sudha sees the same bangles in Priyu’s hands. Veer takes Priyu out from there. Virendra says sorry to Purvi. She says that she feels that Priyu is connected to her past. The next day, Purvi goes to meet Priyu with Daksh. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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