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Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 20th July 2021 Written Update: PALLAVI burn TANNU in the fire of its hatred!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Kumkum Bhagya” of 20 July 2021. The episode begins with a shocking twist. As we have seen in the last episode that Riya and Sodahhatarth are trapped in the drugs case and they lied that they both are married. So the police gave them time to prove themselves. Whereas we have also seen that Prachi and Randheer were searching for their siblings. And they found them in the hotel.

Kumkum Bhagya

After this Riya and Sidharth use to tell them that truth.┬áLater Prachi and Ranveer let them getting married so that they can save their siblings from the police and drug case. Everything is started and Riya-Sidaharth comes to Prachi-Ranveer’s home. They are super happy to live together after so long. But police will keep the investigation on and they use to send their constables bathed Riya and Sidharth to confirm that they are actually married or ‘just acting like that.

Then Riya-Siadhharth goes to their mother’s house where she has been accepting them. Later we will see a great turn for Prachi and Ranveer that Ranveer’s mother will also accept them. And they are starting to living happily together. On the other side, we will be going to see that Abhi is trying his best to get Pragaya’s love again. He will be seen putting more and more effort. But Pragya is struck by her decision that she will not go to go back to his life level again.

We will also be going to witness a fight between Abhi and Pragay now the things come to their ego. And they will be seen inviting in a fight who bent first for the sake of love. There will be going to a more twists in the upcoming episodes so all you need to do is bookmark our site for the updates before tv. Whereas it is going to be interesting to watch how Abhi and Pragya will going to fight each other. Whether their ego will win air the love they have for each other.

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