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Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2021 full episode written update: Big Drama At Mehra Mansion Auction!


The episode begins with Shuma Aunty tells Pragya to be strong and not to get tensed. She tells her that if you will going to live like that then it may affect her work. She even tells her to stay positive and become more focused on her work. Then Pragya tells her that I was so connected to this family. She says that I can’t let that bungalow go in the auction as I still have a love for Dadi.

Kumkum Bhagya

After this Shuma aunty tell her that if you will become strong as we’re used to be then I will not let that bungalow go in the auction and Cancel the deal. Pragya says that I’m ready to accept your challenge. Later we will see that Tanu saw a dream that Abhi goes back to Pragya. She gets tensed and goes out to search for him whether he is here or not. She notices that Abhi is smiling while he is sleeping. We will see that Pragya is also sleeping so peacefully and Shushma aunty notices it.

Later, we will witness that Prachi is in the market and she saves her mother-in-law’s life from getting her hot by car. But she gets angry at Prachi and offers him money for saving her life. She even taunts her that I know you only want money and this is the only reason you gt married to my son. Then Prachi replies to her that I can accept your blessing as you are my mother-in-law but can’t take money from you. Her mother-in-law replies that you didn’t deserve blessings at all.

In the next scene, we will see that Aliya and Malti are busy buying vegetables. And they get involved in a heated argument with their neighbors. Then Parch comes back to her home and she worried about whatever happened to her in the market. But then she finds some of the photographs of a girl and she uses to ask Ranveer about it. He tells her the truth. The episode ends here.


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