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Kumkum Bhagya, 8th July 2021, Written Update, Tanu’s Revealed Truth In Front Abhi!


For all the serial enthusiasts we bring with the written episode update of “Kumkum Bhagya” of 8 July 2021. The episode begins with Abhi comes back home Tanu use to get into the argument with him. He says that “I know that you and Alya both  are a lier.” After this Tau asks him what didi Pragyab b said to him. Abhi tells her that she told me to left the house. Tnau use to tell Abhi abut the behve of Pragya to them.

Kumkum Bhagya

On the other hand, Alkiya is getting happy to listening all these things. Tanu use to say that whether Pragya even tried to talk to you even for a once, or did she made any efforts to find you?” Then Abhi shouts at Tanu. But Aliya and Tanu don’t stop here and they keep ob filling their pears against Prgays. Abhi didn’t give a damn to their words and he tells them to shut up. At night Abhi is roaming in the market and he keeps on wondering about Tanu’s words against Pragya. Mittal comes to Dadu and she asks her for having dinner but Dadi denies having it as her mood is upset.

Then Aliya asks Tnau whether Abhi si convinced with her words? Or is it enough for him.? Then Tanu tells that “yes somewhere he is convinced but we must have to keep this and fill his ears against Pragya.”After this Aliya and Tanu are to get involved in another loan as usual they always use to do this. Meanwhile, Dadi comes there and they change the topic.

On the other side, ‘Ranveer and Parchi are getting romantic with each other. And even wished with the stars for each other. Later we will see that Abhi is sitting alone and he is upset. Not only him even Pragya is also upset and she locked herself inside the room. Whereas they both are wondering about each other. Pragya tells her to open a door and she gets upset for her. There is a misunderstanding between them. The episode ends her to know what will be going to happen next. You need to watch the full episode on Zee Tv.

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