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Kumkum Bhagya, 4th February 2022, Written Update: Prachi Involve SID Angry


Kumkum Bhagya, 4th February 2022, Written Update: Prachi Involve SID Angry: Today’s episode begins with Vikram as he is a good husband but not a good father. Ranbir says no. Vikram says that he is drunk that’s the reason he could say the truth as his mind is cool right now. Ranbir tells him to reveal everything he is listening to. Vikram says that he is the best son but he is not a good dad. Ranbir says that he is a good dad. Vikram says no when he needed him the most he was not there in Prachi’s matter. Ranbir asks him not to apologize to him. He says that they will forget everything tonight and they both drink. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Kumkum Bhagya

Vikram tells him not to reveal anything to Pallavi. Ranbir agrees and got drunk. Ranbir says that they have to sleep as it is getting late. Ranbir says to him good night and leaves. Drunk Ranbir reaches Prachi’s room and notices that she is sleeping. He stares at her sitting near the bed. He thinks to kiss her when she woke up and he will tell him not to hate him as he can’t bear it. Mom knows that his dad drinks but she doesn’t tell him anything because she loves him but she doesn’t like him to drink, he asks her to tell him if she doesn’t like him to drink.

He asks how much she loves him. He says that he knows that she won’t tell him and feels a headache. He tries to open the drawer to take medicine. Prachi stops him and asks what she wants. Ranbir falls in her lap. She gets shocked and then says Bablu, he locks the drawer and sleeps. Aliya comes to the kitchen for water. She thinks that she is not feeling sleepy. When she goes to her room, she sees Ranbir is sleeping in Prachi’s lap, she then calls Pallavi. Pallavi comes to Prachi’s room and gets angry seeing Ranbir in Prachi’s lap.

Aliya says that Prachi is crossing her limits now. She says that they have to separate them anyhow. Aliya tells her to bring Ranbir and Riya close if she is unable to separate Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi says that she is right. She says that she will talk to Prachi and Ranbir in the morning. Aliya asks what’s her plan. She smirks.

The next morning, Prachi wakes up and remembers last night. Ranbir wishes her good morning. Prachi tells her what is she doing in her room. Ranbir tells her not to get up. He tells her to drink tea with him. Prachi denies why he was drunk last night. He says that he got drunk to know the truth. Ranbir takes the locker keys from Prachi and asks why she is taking baby growth medicines. Prachi gets shocked. Do not forget to watch the full episode of “Kumkum Bhagya” on Zee Tv at 09:30 pm.

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