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Kumkum Bhagya, 31st January 2022, Written Episode Update: Vikram In Hospital Prachi Pregnant


Kumkum Bhagya, 31st January 2022, Written Episode Update: Vikram In Hospital Prachi Pregnant: Today’s episode begins with Ranbir as he brings Prachi inside. Prachi asks him to keep her down. Ranbir comforts her on the sofa. He asks Shahana to get a first aid box. Prachi says to him that she doesn’t need his help. Riya asks him to stop getting involved in arguments with Prachi. Ranbir tells her to ask her sister. Prachi tells her not to talk to her and if she wants to talk then talk with her husband. Ranbir gets angry and goes from there. Riya follows him. Shahana asks Prachi why she is behaving like this when Ranbir is only helping her. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Kumkum Bhagya

Dida also says the same and asks what will happen if Ranbir helps her. Prachi thinks that she doesn’t want to get used to him once again. Aliya says that Dida is right and why she is overreacting. Pallavi says that Ranbir is good and she is not special to him. Prachi says that she has to pay for his help. She remembers the past and stands up and says that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. Ranbir is searching for a first aid kit. He thinks that he can’t see her in pain. Riya asks him to stop and why he is helping her why she insulted him.

She says that being his wife, she can’t see him getting insulted. Ranbir says to her that then she should stay in the room. He says that he can’t see her in pain as it hurts him as well. Ranbir leaves taking a first aid kit. Riya decides to do something with Prachi. Ranbir comes with a first aid kit. Prachi warns him not to touch her. She says that she will call the police if he touches her. Dida asks why will she call the police when Ranbir is just helping her out. Prachi says that he can’t touch her without her permission.

Aliya and Pallavi tell Ranbir to leave. Shahana also tries to stop Prachi. Ranbir holds her feet and applies ointment to her wound. Prachi calls the police. Pallavi tells Ranbir to go. Prachi complaints about Ranbir. Pallavi asks Vikram to do something. Vikram says it’s a typical fight between a husband and a wife. She leaves angrily. Ranbir attempts to help Prachi to take her to the room but she refuses. Dida is worried for them.

Inspector comes and asks about Prachi. Riya tells him that Prachi is there. She says that she complained about her husband as he tried to help. Aliya asks them to take Prachi to a mental hospital. Ranbir also says that Prachi got hurt because of Riya who is his wife so he was just helping her so that she won’t blame his wife. The inspector tells Prachi not to waste their time again as helping someone is not a crime. Watch the full episode of “Kumkum Bhagya” on Zee Tv at 09:30 pm

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