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Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2021 full episode written update: Tanu Gets Irritated with Abhi!


The episode begins with Pragya is searching for something and her Scalf goes out of her window and to stuck hat Abhi’s face. And feels the smell of Pragya from it. Pragya is wonder “I must not think about Abhi and have to wait for the photos of Aliya and Abhi in the newspaper.” On the other side, Tanu is getting angry at Abhi for not celebrating his birthday with them.

Kumkum Bhagya

And Tanu gets irritated also meanwhile Abhi comes there and he is drunk too. He uses to hug everyone and say I’m here on time because it’s my birthday today. Later Dadi brings cake for Abhi and everyone uses to cut the cake but Aliya asks Dadi where did she manage to buy a cake. Then Pumi tells tath Bijee to buy this cake from her medicine money. Bijee scolded Pumi and says I told you to not reveal this. Then Abhi hugs her Dadi. Aliya and Tanu taunt Abhi and say you couldn’t able to give money in the house as you buy alcohol with the money you earn.

Abhi leaves from there without cutting a cake. Then Dadi says thet your words made him so upset that he leaves there without even celebrating his brother’s day. The next morning, we will see that Pragya is wondering about the newspaper and the photos to see Ahi and aliya. Meanwhile, a lady comes to her and says it is an important meeting so she must ‘have to get ready on time. Later she says that “I can see what situation you are going through and ‘this the only reason I don’t want to let sent you India.” But Pragya tells her that I’m getting restless as what I have thoughts the situation isn’t like that everything has been changed.

After this, we will witness that Dadi comes to Abhi and she tells her that yesterday was your birthday and you didn’t have a cake so I have put some for you and now we will enjoy it together. On the side Ranbir and Parchi get romantic and they use to praise each other a lot. Later Ranbir’s mother uses to taunt Prachi and tell them to walk out of this house and leave from here right now. And the episode ends here. Watch the full episode on Zee Tv.

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