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Kumkum Bhagya, 25th June 2021, Written Episode Update, PRAGYA’s heart melt on see RHEA


The episode begins with Ranbir gets a call from a business investor and he tells him that the idea he told to him is good and he would like to invest in his idea. Other than this in the first phase, we will see that Tanu si upset and she gets afraid as she claims that she has been seen by Pragya at the restaurant. Later Tani informed about this Aliya also and she uses to laughter o tit. Whereas Aliya isn’t ready to accept that Pragya is still alive.

Kumkum Bhagya

Later we will see that Abhi is with one of his friends and he is explaining to her about the car repairing. Whereas her is Pragya and she uses to so close to him but they are unable to see each other. But one today their destiny will bring them together. Thus, Pragya gets emotional she has tears in her eyes because she uses to remembers the good and quality moment she and Abhi had been spent together. She wishes to meet him soon and Pragya to god that everything will become fine soon.

On the other hand, we will also be going to see Ranbir and Parchi are having a conversation about Pragya. They use to share their feelings to each other about how much they missing Pragya. And it is for them to live without her. They even share that when they are in a problem they use to think Like Pragya and then they take any action further. Then both pray to God to give them strength to live their life without her.

Lets us tell you that Ranbir will the forts one who will be going to get Pragya. And he will even support her so that she and Abhi can meet again. So we will know that Abhi is no more a rich person and he nor even a rockstar now. His family has become a middle-class family this is known to face financial issues also. But on the other hand, Pragya is now becoming a successful lady and she is the businesswoman who has everything in her life. But she is still struggling to get Abhi’s love.

So let us inform you that Pragya comes back with a purpose to ruin the life of Abhi and to take revenge on him. And she gat to know that Abhi is already suffering from lots of issues and he has left nothing to live a luxurious life. Watch the full episode on Zee Tv.

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