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Kumkum Bhagya, 24th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Pragya and Abhi Return To Old Life!


Today’s episode starts with Prachi as she is in the same room where Rhea is also present. Rhea notices Prachi but avoids like as a stranger. Rhea takes off her jewelry. Meanwhile, Prachi recalls the past in which Rhea accused her of involving with her fiancee. She tells her to leave the house. Rhea recalls how she ruined her happiness but seems relaxed and also avoids her. she acts like she has not seen her. After that, Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks Prachi about her and Rhea’s conversation. Prachi tells him that they haven’t talked to each other.

Prachi says to him that Rhea behaved like she didn’t even see her while she saw her but didn’t react to anything. She adds that she felt that Rhea is not her sister but a stranger to her. She says that she has thought that she will hug her forgetting everything that happened in the past but she ignored her so she also didn’t say anything.  Ranbir gets stunned hearing her and thinks how she didn’t talk to Prachi. In the next scene, Ranbir and Prachi reach Pallavi’s house. Pallavi opens the door and directly questions them that why are they here. Sidharth also comes there.


She asks him if he brought them here and also asks the reason. He says that they have to tell her that they saw Rhea here who came covering herself in a veil. Pallavi gets shocked hearing them. The grandmother of Sidharth is about to ask him if he tied the knot but Pallavi stops her from saying anything. Pallavi says to Sidharths that he broke her trust so she wants to end her relationship with him. He tries to defend himself but she doesn’t ready to listen to him. Pallavi tells him if he forgot what she said to him. Sidharth recalls her words when she told him about Ranbir.

She says to him that he repeated the same mistake which Ranbir did a few years ago. She gets emotional while saying all this. He hugs and says to her that he will marry only that girl whom she will select for him. She says that today she is feeling so broken. Here, Abhi beats Gautam and Pragya tries to save him from Abhi. Abhi says to Pragya that the place and the guy are not right for her. Pragya says to him that who is he to her. She says to him that she is her life and she will do what she wants to do. Watch the full episode of “Kumkum Bhagya” on Zee TV at 9 PM.

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