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Kumkum Bhagya 23 July 2021 full episode written update: Sid And Rhea To Get Married!!


The episode begins with Abhi is roaming on the road and Shushma aunty gives him. She uses to remind his words to help him in bringing him and Pragya together. Then she tells her driver to stop the car. She goes to Abhi and asks him why is he take alcohol? Then he uses it to hide his bottle.

Kumkum Bhagya

He uses to treat her but she says to him that “‘owe don’t have any relation so you don’t have to do any sort of formality.” She asks him why is he like this and whatever he did to Pragay was wrong. She will not be going to come back in his life ever again. As she must have been changed and not like she uses to be for him before. Abhi gets hurt but he tells her that “if she stops talking about their past then this will be a better thing to do?” He says whatever I did I’m must apologize to her. But things are different and I know nothing will going to change easily.

Shushma aunty added that nothing will be going to change the way he is thinking as Pragya hates him now. So I request you to leave my daughter alone and don’t try to act nice in front of her. But Abhi tells her that her daughter will not be going to live away from me for more time so you better help us rather than to make me understand the things which can’t happen.

She asks him why can’t see her gappy? What are you troubled and interrupting her? Then he tells her that “I can’t see her alone and tensed. As I still feel for her. And want her to be in my life. I want to walk along with her. I want her to be mine again.” Shuma aunty asks him “he wants this as she is now a rich and well settled successful woman. Abhi gets stunned listening to this and the episode ends here.

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