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Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2021 full episode written update: Prachi Exposs Abhi Past Reveal Alia Front Of Pragya


Here we are with the written episode update of “KumKum Bhagya” of 15 September 2021. The episode begins with, Prachi gets to know about the truth. She had a conversation with Abhi and then she get to know that it was all one buy Aliy and Tanu si that they create misunderstanding between her parents and keep them separated from each other. Then she goes to her mom and tells her the truth, She says that “I know that dad wasn’t wrong as it was all part of the plan of Aliya and Tanu.

Kumkum Bhagya

Aliya and Tanu don’t want to see you both together so they were the plan all these things against you. Dad is innocent and I knew that.” But Pragya isn’t ready to accept this and she keeps on saying what she know’s. For her Abhi is wrong and he was the one who tried to kill her. She further says that Abhi told this to her on call. He accepted this by himself. Then Prachi keeps n giving her best and she says this might have been done by Tanu and Aliya.

They are so bad and they hate you so they did this to take revenge on you.   Then Pragya will be seen trying to match the previous things and she used to think on this deeply. On the other hand, as we know that Reha hates Prachi and she is falling in love with Ranbir. She already hates Prachi and she also wants to through her out of the house. Reha is developing her feelings for Ranbir but no one is aware of it.

Later we will see that Aliya gets to meet Reha and she tells her that how Pragsy becomes a rich lady. And they also discuss Prachi. Then they both shake hands and they are decided to take revenge on Prachi. Aliya ensures her that she will be going to help her in separating Pragya and Abhi and then Prachi and Rambir. They are happy that they are together going to create problems in Pragya and Prachi’s life. After this, we will be going to see that Shuama Aunty is getting tensed for Pragya. The serial is going to be more appealing and entertaining to watch. There will be more twists and turns in the serial. Don’t forget to watch the full episode on Zee Tv.

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