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Kumkum Bhagya 15th July 2021 Episode Written Update: Aliya gives a piece of Advice


Great evening entertainers, are you eager to know the following written update of the sequential “Kumkum Bhagya” on 15th July 2021. Consistently twists are coming in the account of the sequential which is making fascination among the watchers. However the sequential is drawing the story pointlessly, still certain watchers are as yet infatuated with the serial. How about we see what new we will find in the forthcoming scenes, the serial starts with Abhi receiving everybody as they might suspect he is Mr. Saluja, however the one individual who stands to the side, figures this man doesn’t look like Mr. Saluja.

Kumkum Bhagya

Sushma and Pragya likewise go to congratulate him however then, at that point they see Abhi standing before them and afterward, Pragya asks him what is he doing here and for what good reason is he in Mr. Saluja’s outfit. Pragya unveils to Abhi that you swindled us again however Abhi says I am not making you fool and you used to do Chikchik before yet you looked great and I used to like you yet presently I don’t care for this new Pragya Chikchik And I never undermined you.

Cheating is the idea of the individuals who don’t adore anybody, yet love is stowed away in my own name. He further says Sushma ji I love that you care such a huge amount for my fuggi however when you understand the amount I love her then you will realize that I am so beneficial to her. Sushma says I would prefer not to pay attention to you and you should simply leave from here. Abhi then, at that point says I have demolished your arrangements before likewise and I will rehash it.

He further says that it is better for you that Sushma ought not divide me and Pragya. Sushma calls the safety officers and orders them to be tossed out of the house. After Abhi leaves Pragya discloses to Sushma that I have lost again in these two years yet Sushma says you never lost, truth be told Abhi undermined you and we should offer for the house again. Pragya says alright Sushma ji simply call that load of individuals who were available here and inside 45 minutes we will begin the closeout once more.

Later Aaliya and Tanu Mehra will come outside the manor where Tanu blames Aaliya and says simply because for you our whole property and abundance has been sold on the off chance that you didn’t do this error 2 years back after which Aaliya will likewise battle with Tanu. . That is in support of today, return tomorrow to know next refreshes, till then watch this scene of “Kumkum Bhagya” on Zee TV channel at 9:00 PM and contact GetIndiaNews for all the more such updates.

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