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Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2021 full episode written update: Pragya Reveals Truth Of Her Death


Here we are with the written episode update of “Kumkum Bhagya” of 14 September 2021. The episode begins with Abhi is hospitalize and Pragays informs her daughter about him. Prachi gets stunned and shocked. When she reached the hospital she asks Pragya about Abhi and also asks a reason for how he gets injured, Pragya tells her about the whole incident. Prachi tells her that I saw a bad dream about Papa, and I’m actually here. Both of them so tenesd and they use to talk to each other.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2021 full episode written update:

But we will see that Prachi is going to get a shock, as Pragya will going to reveal a truth of 2 years ago to her. Pragya tells Pracahi that, “I have to save also of your dad today but let me tell you the reason today of our separation.” Pragya says that “When I was going to make you get married to Ranvir your dad was completely against it and he want Reha to get married to him. ‘ So he planned my death, and he doesn’t want to see me alive. He, Tanu and Aliya, tried their best to kill me but I was lucky that I’m alive. He failed the break of my car so that I could meet an accident and dies on the spot.

Prachi is in shock and she isn’t able to grab this at all. As she loves her dad and she has complete trust in him that he can do something like this. Prachi says to Pragya that, “I  can’t trust what you are saying, as papa loves you a lot and he can’t do anything like this to you. You are his lifeline so I don’t think that he can even think of it. This is a lie and I can’t believe this.” She is in shock and further says that “You might be lying and there might be a misunderstanding in between you.”

Prachi can’t able to control her emotions and she goes to Abhi. She is in anger and asked about the same Abhi. He replies angrily to her and says “I have never think of doing so with Pragya and how can you believe I’m this. I can’t even see her in a pain and you are saying that I have tried to kill her? No, you have the wrong information and thsi isn’t true.” But later everything is going to be clear between Abhi and Pragya.

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