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Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2021 full episode written update: Prachi Trapped Front Of Rhea!


Here we are with the written episode update of your favorite serial “Kumkum Bhgaya” of 13 August 2021. In the upcoming episode, we will be going to see that Gouarav shale hands with Aliya nada Tanu. They use to come to him with a solid plan against Pragya. They tell him a plan and he isn’t getting ready to execute it. But they use to tell him that he doesn’t have any other option. So he gets ready to involve in their plans.

Kumkum Bhagya

On the other side, we will see that Reha is getting offended due to a saree and she use to think that “I will going to look more pretty than Pracvhi in a saree. After this Prachi will be seen wondering to help Reha in making her wearing a saree. After this, we will be going to see that Abhi is helping Pragys in arranging a book. Then Pragsy tells her not to do this as he might fall. Then Abhi says that “I will not fall, and will handle myself.” Then Pragsy says that I’m not worried about you I’m worried about this stool on which you are standing.

Meanwhile, Abhi says to her “I forgot that you don’t like me.” Then Pragya says when did I say this to you, Abhi use to feel really good and he is stunned as well. Then a romantic track plays. After this Abhi falls. Both of them use to feel for each other and wondering why I’m feeling happy and loved. Both are going through the same feelings. Then Abhi asks him “Is she also feeling happy and good. ” Pragya says yes and then they are both true to chief the topic.

Then she gets a call from Shushma Aunty and wondering about Abhi. Pragya tells Aunty that Abhi has some work so I’m coming alone. Later we will see that Reha is getting frustrated and she uses to through a saree on the bed. Meanwhile, Prachi enters her room and she says that “I will go to help you in wearing a saree. As a sister can help a sister.”

After this Pallavi also comes there and she tells them to get ready as soon as possible. Then Pallavi says that it is competition and no one will be going to help each other. And the episode ends here. Watch teh full epiosde on Zee tv and and Zee5.

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