Home News Who Is KULI ROBERTS HUSBAND, BEYERS ROBERTS? Age, Instagram, Photos, and, More!

Who Is KULI ROBERTS HUSBAND, BEYERS ROBERTS? Age, Instagram, Photos, and, More!


Who Is Kuli Roberts Husband, Beyers Roberts? Age, Instagram, Photos, and, More!: Khuli Roberts was knowns as a great personality in terms of her hard work, as she was not only known as an actor in the entertainment industry but performing various major roles made her an all-rounder in her life. Kyuki Robert was a great actor and wonders entertainer with her role and work done, not only this she was also a great media personality performing the role of lifestyle journalist in the media industry. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kuli Roberts Husband, Beyers Roberts

Who Is Kuli Roberts Husband, Beyers Roberts?

On the other hand, her role was not only limited to the media and entertainment industry she blossoms her talent in the fashion industry as well, where she was secure a fashion influencer role and simultaneously known as the beauty icon, further she had hosted many television episodes, but all these hard work also made her life to be chased by others. Now, the time to look into her career way, where she worked as an editor for several magazines and was simultaneously assigned for the show named ‘ The Real Goboza’ as host and she continued it for the two more seasons as well, other than this she also hosted a famous show named ‘ Headline’ involve the gossiping of the celebs.

Kuli Roberts Husband Picture

Khuli was married and had two children her daughter’s name is’ India Tambela’ and her son is ‘ Laeun’. And she was actively doing good in her life by hosting too many shows one after one. But after some time she got divorced from his husband for some reason that has not been revealed yet, and she stayed with her children only, running her life to remain in the entertainment industry.

Kuli Roberts

She died on 9 February 2022, at the age of 49 as her family stated the cause of her death is a massive heart attack. She was the lady with a great heart as she use to help several people. Her kids are disheartened. Here is the statement from her family which reads, ‘with the most profound sadness we have to inform you all with the ultimate demise of our prettier, beloved and dearest daughter Kuli. She lost her life on February 9 while she was in Johannesburg. She was our heart and her demise is unbearable for us.”

Kuli Roberts

It is clear that she was affectionately loved by her family and friends. Kuli was a passionate lady who was actively working to frame her career and living a life in her own ways.

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