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Kuch To Hai 14th March 2021 Written Update: Romance of Priya and Rehaan


The episode of “Kuch To Hai”, 14th March 2021, begins with Mini and Aaro who are talking about ghost hunting, and in the promo of the episode the viewers can watch that today there will be two secrets is going to be revealed. Whereas Mini says that she is damn sure about Priya. She believed that Priya is a ghost girl who is currently missing. During the conversation between Mini and Aaro, Ajnabi comes there and tells them to search regarding Priya.

Kuch To Hai 14th March 2021 Written Update

Both find that there is fire lighting is moving around Ajnabi and then they recognize Ajnabi is the apparition himself. Priya wants to take her revenge from Rehaan and for that, she needs the help of Rageshwari. But Rageshwari denied it and says she does not have that much strength and she also doesn’t want Priya to do the same as she can not lose her once more. But Priya says she does not have any other option besides this.

In one scene Rehaan goes to the marriage pavilion to see the marriage preparation of Arnav-Swati, Mohit, and Soumya. Rehaan remembers the incident of Priya and Mohit and in anger, he breaks the decoration items. The viewers witness a lot of drama in the serial both the main leads are facing problems and struggles in their lives. Their enemies are creating a lot of problems in their lives and they are trying hard to come out with this conspiracy.

In the promo of the episode, Rehaan and Priya both are following each other in a house, and then Somya realizes Rehaan that whatever is happened with her is not the fault of Rehaan in fact is the fault of Priya. So you should not take the blame on yourself. Rehaan says I know it’s the fault of Priya and she also does the same with me. Then Somya asks Rehaan to tell me what Priya has done with you and in this reply, he says that the tears Priya affect me, I can not see the sadness on her face and she leaving her impact on me.

As per the sources maybe tomorrow is the last day of Rageshwari on the set of Kuch to hai and after that, she will be left the show. In one scene the audience witness the love romance of Priya and Rehaan both gets romantic in the bathroom sequence and both will be seen in their real identity. It is going to be interesting to watch, what will be the reaction of both when they get to know their real identities, or maybe Rehaan will again lose the chance to see the Naggin Avatar of Priya.

For that, the viewers need to watch the episode of Kuch To Hai on the colors channel at 8:00 PM and read all the upcoming updates on our website.

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