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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: Written Update, 8th October 2021, Today’s Episode, Sonakshi Doubts Sanjana’s Intentions


Today’s episode commences with Sanjana as she says to Sonakshi that her feelings for Dev are genuine. She truly loves him so much and can’t control her feelings too. She says to her that her and Dev’s fates are connected to each other that’s why Suhana comes as her niece and she gets to know about it. Sanjana keeps saying things and claims that she loves Dev repeatedly. Sonakshi gets angry and asks her to shut up and stop saying bullshit. She says to her that now she won’t say a word. Sanjana gets silent. Sonakshi says to her that Dev trusted her a lot and allow her to come inside the house.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

She adds that she tried to break that family where she got so much love. Sonakshi says to her that Sanjana doesn’t deserve a family as she tried to break a family. Sonakshi tells her that at this point in time, Dev doesn’t even want to see her face that’s why he made transfer papers for her. She tells Sanjana to come out of the dream world and go away from Dev and her daughter Suhana. Sanjana gets angry hearing her, while Sonakshi throws the bouquet brought by Sanjana.

After that, Sonakshi calls out the staff and asks them to clean the place immediately. She also tells the staff to get Sanjana out of the office. Sanjana leaves the place. After some time, she comes to her house angrily and starts throwing things out that are kept in her room. Sanjana’s friend Reena tries to calm her down but is unable to do it. She angrily asks her friend that what wrong she did and acts madly. She decides to separate Sonakshi from Dev and the kids as well as the whole family. Reema tries to make her understand that she is doing wrong but Sanjana doesn’t listen to her at all.

At the house, Sonakshi and Dev are having a romantic moment, while Sonakshi is also thinking about Sanjana’s actions. They both go to sleep. Here, Sanjana burns the picture of Dev and Sonakshi. Reena asks her not to do this and tells her that it’s her obsession and asks her to control herself. Sanjana yells at her. Later, she watches Suhana and Dev’s videos. She planned to ruin Sonakshi’s life. She says that now she will show Sonakshi her real place. The next day, Sanjana comes to the office and pretends she regrets everything that she did. She asks Dev for another chance. She tries to come close to Dev, meanwhile, Sonakshi enters the cabin and asks what is happening there. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3” on Sony TV at 08:30 PM

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