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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi Today Episode 30th August 2021 Written Update: Dev and Sanjana Cross Paths Again


Today’s episode begins with Dev as he is preparing the coffee in the kitchen with Sonakshi and also romancing with each other. Meanwhile, Ishwari enters the kitchen and asks what are they doing there. They make an excuse and are about to leave the place. Ishwari sees coffee and tells them that they should not have coffee at night. They agree and leave. They both enter their room and laugh loud. The next morning, they both awake late. Dev says that he has important work at 8. Sonakshi says that they will exercise first. Dev agrees. They both romance while exercising and Radha catches them in an embarrassing situation. She also warns Ishwari about it.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

Later, Bijoy and Elena’s family come to the house for lunch. Bijoy brings chicken with other items. Golu also meets Ayush and Suhana. Ayush plays a prank on Golu. Elena and Sonakshi go aside and Elena reads the tarot cards for Sonakshi. Elena tells her that a storm is about to come into her life so she should be careful about it. Here, the flower shop girl comes again to the shop and returns the bouquet to them, and asks them to give it to Dev. The shopkeeper says that he doesn’t know him.

The girl thinks that she will meet Dev again for sure. Here, everyone plays passing the ball game. Ishqwari caught the ball when time out so she does Shahrukh Khan’s mimicry. Golu goes to the kitchen for food. Bijoy gets worried if the chicken is caught by him but it didn’t happen. After that, the ball falls near Dev’s feet who just entered the house. Everyone asks him to dance to which he says that he will dance with Sonakshi only. They both dance. Meanwhile, Shubh comes with chicken. Radha asks him to let her serve him. Shubh says that Bijoy was hiding it so he decides to bring it in front of him.

Radha opens the box and sees chicken in it. She shouts at Bijoy and asks why he brought chicken there. Bijoy says that someone asked him for it that’s why he brought it. Everyone looks at Elena and Sonakshi but they refuse. Bijoy says that the person who asked him for it was scared if he demands chicken then he will get scold. The next day, Dev meets again with that girl and Elena notices them. She immediately calls Sona and asks about Dev. She tells her that he went for a meeting. Elena tells her that she has seen Dev with a girl. They both think about the girl. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3” on Sony TV at 08:30 PM.

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