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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, 6th August 2021, Written Update, Sonakshi & Ayush Spend Quality Time Together At ARestaurant


Today’s episode begins with Dev as he tells Sonakshi that he found Ayush. Sonakshi tells everyone about it and everyone gets happy knowing the news. Mamaji questions Ishwari if she and Sonakshi’s differences have been sorted. Ishwari tells him that she is not going to forgive Sonakhi for whatever she said to her. Suhana hugs Sonakshi and cries. Sonakshi asks her not to cry as Ayush will come soon. Suhana tells her to ask Ayush if he wants to return. Mami Ji says that why will he not come as it is his house. Here, Dev requests Mr. Varma to give Ayush to him but he refuses to send Ayush back with him.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

Mr. Varma says that his grandson has already suffered a lot and now he doesn’t want him to suffer. He tells Dev to leave from there. Dev says to him that Ayush is his son and he wants him back. Mr. Varma is about to attack Dev with his stick and suddenly, gets a cardiac arrest. Dev immediately calls the ambulance. On the other hand, everyone is eagerly waiting for Ayush. Meanwhile, Bijoy comes there in a very dirty condition. Mama Ji and Sonakshi go to him and asks what happened to him. He tells him everything.

Sonakshi feels bad for him and tells him that she forget to tell him that Ayush has found. She apologizes to him. Bijoy asks her not to apologize. Bijoy blames Dev for Ayush missing. Ishwari and Bijoy had a small fight and then Bijoy leaves the place. Here, Mr. Varma gets hospitalized. He assures Mrs. Varma that they are in the best hospital and nothing will happen to Mr. Varma. Ayush feels sad and cries. Dev goes to Ayush and consoles him. He asks her to come with him and he will sort all his problems. Ayush denies it. After some time, Dev tells Mr. Varma is fine now and tells her to send Ayush with him.

Later, the doctor informs them about Mr. Varma’s health. He says that he is now out of life support. Mrs. Varma goes to meet Mr. Varma by taking permission from the doctor. Mr. Varma says to Dev that he will be okay soon. Dev also enters the room and Mr. Varma gets panicked saying that he is not going to send his grandson with him. He asks his wife not to send Ayush with him. Dev leaves the place getting upset.

Dev reaches the home without Ayush. Sonakshi questions him about Ayush. He tells him that Mr. Varma won’t let him come with him. Sonakshi gets shattered hearing him and says that they couldn’t be a good parent. They both cry hugging each other. Watch this amazing and emotional episode of “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3” on Sony TV at 08:30 PM.

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