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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, 30th September 2021, Written Episode Update, Sonakshi Creates A Scene


Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, 30th September 2021, Written Episode Update: Today’s episode begins with Sanjana as she proposes to Dev and Sonakshi sees this. She questions what is going on there. Dev reminisces the game and misunderstood that Sanjana is proposing to him as a task. Sanjana says yes and leaves. Sanjana tells Reena that Dev lied to his wife stating that she was playing the game. Here, Sonakshi tells Dev that Sanjana is behaving strangely. Dev agrees with Sonakshi and says that no one behaves like this with the Boss. Dev says that maybe she is behaving like this because of her family situation. Reena also says to Sanjana that Dev didn’t take her proposal series but Sanjana doesn’t listen to her.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

Sonakshi tells Dev to ask Sanjana if she reached or not. Dev does the same. Sanjana gets excited seeing his message and shows it to Reena as proof. Reena shakes her head. Sanjana replies to Dev that she reached. Suhana comes to Sonakshi and Dev, she asks them to sleep with them. They both notice that Suhana is disturbed so they ask her the reason. Suhana tells them what Neha said to her. Dev gets angry while Sonakshi hugs her and says that whatever Neha said, is not true. Suhana’s mother loves her so much and Dev says that Suhana is Papa’s girl.

Here, Ishwariis giving massage to Neha. Dev angrily goes there and yells at Neha. He asks her to stay away from his daughter and never try to manipulate her against her parents. They argue while Ishwari tries to calm Dev down. Dev comes to Sonakshi when she is making a shake for Shubh. They think it’s good that Suhana shared her problem with them. Sonakshi talks to Bijoy through video call. Bijoy tells her about Zidane that he is not having food and also not sharing anything with them. Sona says that maybe he is in some trouble but it’s not related to health or finances.

Sonakshi asks him to try to feed him and have a word with him. Bijoy calls out Zidane and tells him to have food. He lied to him saying today is his birthday. Zidane wishes him and has food too. Saurabh comes and reveals the truth. Zidane gets mad at Bijoy and reveals that he is broken and his money also didn’t reach him. Bijoy consoles him and says that they are with him. He asks him to have food. He agrees The next day, Dev reaches the office and gets shocked seeing rose petal in his path. He gets a bouquet and sees Sanjana who is confessing his love to him which shocks him. Later, Dev sees her family picture and says he won’t let anyone break his family. Catch the latest episode of “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 2” on Sony TV at 08:30 Pm.

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