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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, 26th August 2021, Written Episode Update, Dev-Sonakshi Faces New Problem!


Today’s episode begins with Ayush as he gave his notebook to the bullies and is unable to say anything to them. The teacher gets happy seeing their homework and scolds Ayush for not doing homework. He gets punishment from the teacher. At the house, Dev and Sonakshi are spending time with each other. Dev feels tired but Sonakshi tries to cheer him up. Suddenly, Suhana shouts seeing Ayush’s injury and everyone rushes to them. They ask what happened to him but he remains silent. Sonakshi asks Suhana about it. Suhana tells them everything. Everyone asks Ayush why didn’t she said anything to them.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

Ayush says that he doesn’t want any type of fight between them. Sonakshi asks Suhana that why didn’t she tell all this. She tells that Ayush asked her not to tell anything to them. She tells them that Ayush didn’t want any fight between Sonakshi and Dev because of him. Dev tells him that nothing will happen like this. Dev and Sonakshi recall when Ayush tried to avoid school making excuses. Ishwari notices Sonakshi and asks what happened. She blames herself for not understanding her son. Ishwari tries to console her and says that Dev and her differences have put a bad impact on kids.

She asks to solve the problems with a calm mind. Sonakshi asks if she is good. Ishwari says that she is her son’s choice that can never be bad. Sonakshi smiles. Dev talks to Mamaji and says to him that he is going to apply what he taught him in his childhood. Dev note down something in Ayush’s notebook. Ayush feels afraid seeing it but Dev assures him, nothing will happen to him. Suhana gets excited thinking about the next day. In school, the teacher tells everyone to show their notebooks and goes to check their homework. The bullies take Ayush’s notebook again.

The teacher checks their homework and stands shocked seeing that they have written bad things about their classmates. They try to blame Ayush but the teacher notices writing. The principal calls the teacher to come to the office along with Ayush where Dev is already present with bullies boys’ fathers who scolds Dev for creating a scene. They ask him about his relationship with Ayush to which Ayush says that he is his father. Dev feels elated hearing father from Ayush. Later, the fathers also accept their mistakes. After coming out of the office, Dev hugs Ayush as he called him father. Ayush also praises him for handling everything so well. Ahead, Sonakshi and Dev go to meet a marriage counselor who questions them. Watch the upcoming episode of “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3” on Sony Tv at 08:30 PM.

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