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KT Raghavan Call Video: BJP leader KT Raghavan resigns, KT Raghavan sting video Explained!


On Tuesday, BJP General Secretary of Tamil Nadu KT Raghavan gave the resignation from the party post after the release of a sting video reportedly featuring him. It viewed someone with a powerful resemblance to him reportedly involved in a corrupt video call allegedly with a female party worker. The video was uploaded on Youtube by Madan Ravichandran, another party functionary. The news channel could not free the given identity of the person viewed in the footage. This video created a controversy on the internet and after that, Mr. Raghavan made a tweet in which he rejected the allegation and stated he would surely take legal action on it.

KT Raghavan Call Video

KT Raghavan Call Video

He stated “The native of Tamil Nadu, party workers, and all those associated with me very well know who am I. I have been working for thirty years with no advantages. I get to know about the footage about me shared on social media this morning. It is released to blemish me and my party. I talked with the respectful state president Mr. Annamalai. Then I made a resignation from my party position. I rejected all the allegations which are made on me. Justice will win.”

Mr. Ravichandran, who posted a video on his Youtube channel Madan Diary, made a claim that his team has audio clips and video footage of fifteen such leaders and would release them in course of time. He further claimed that the idea of this kind of sting operation came amid claims of what he called forcible sex and sexual exploitation by many BJP leaders. The main aim, he stated was to purge the party of such individuals.

K Annamalai, State BJP President questioned the intention of Mr. Ravichandran and called it inadmissible. Mr. Annamalai stated that “We are taking the allegations very seriously and already headed an inquiry commission which is led by our party’s  State Secretary Srimati Malarkodi will be constructed. This team will investigate and study the truth behind the claims and will begin appropriate action against those who are proven as arraigned.”

He further added, “Women office agents in Bhartiya Janata Party, which is constructed on very powerful culture and traditions are treated with the utmost respect, love and care.”  Scaring trouble from authorities, Mr. Ravichandran and his partner Venba stated that they may face many legal and illegal threats, including threats on their lives.

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