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Who is Kristin Pitzen? Teacher asks students to stand to Pride flag instead of US American in video


Who is Kristin Pitzen? USA Teacher Kristin Pitzen Video Goes Viral, Teacher asks students stand to Pride flag instead of American in the video can be checked on this page, A California teacher has coursed around the web for preparing her understudies to swear steadfastness to the LGBTQ++ flag in the wake of cutting down the American standard as it truly made her “abnormal”. Teacher American Flag, Recognized as Kristin Pitzen, the scene is apparently being investigated by the school locale, after a notable Twitter account called ‘Libs of TikTok’ revealed the instructor’s exercises to their 176,000 disciples.

Teacher American Flag

Who is Kristin Pitzen?

Yet the scene follows right back to an early pandemic, data on Pitzen being explored comes amidst a spate of teachers being rebuffed for their sketchy situations on cover orders and critical race theory. Kansas City teacher Josiah Enyart and another Californian appearance professional Tiffany Wilder faced results as fine and suspension, independently, for discussing their disappointment concerning their school districts’ cover order and CRT instructive program.

Kristin Pitzen Teacher American Flag For Student Video



Pitzen’s TikTok video sees the instructor explain how she handles morning assertions at her school, including the Pledge of Allegiance. “I by and large tell my class, ‘Have in case you feel as it, don’t have in case you feel like it, say the words expecting you need, you don’t have to say the words,” Pitzen says in the video, continuing: “Subsequently, my class decided to stand yet not say the words. Completely fine. Except for the way that my room doesn’t have a standard.”

Kristin Pitzen Kristin Pitzen Kristin Pitzen Kristin Pitzen Kristin Pitzen Kristin Pitzen Kristin Pitzen Kristin Pitzen

Pitzen was recognized by Fox News as an instructor from the Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, California. The school region told the force source that the scene is overall by and by investigated. “We think about this event and are exploring,” said Annette Franco, a publicizing official for the area. She added: “While we don’t discuss the agent-related issues, we can uncover to you that expanding deference and honor for our country’s flag is a value that we bestow in our understudies and a suspicion for our laborers. We deal with issues like this genuinely and will take an action to address it.”

Pitzen has in advance vocally imparted her LGBTQ++ allyship in TikTok accounts by planning her homeroom in pride standards and wearing rainbow tones during Pride Month. The record, with the username @mrsgillingsworth, seems to have been deleted from TikTok. The Blaze reports that back when the record was at this point dynamic, its depiction portrayed the customer as: “Your Favorite English Teacher”; “She/They”; and “Bi.” And online media is being unforgiving concerning Pitzen’s stay on the American standard, with some declaring: “Educators need psych evals.”

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