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Krishna Janmashtami Status, Quotes Images Wishes For Whatsapp Group


JANMASHTAMI is meant to be an annual Hindu festival known as Gokul Ashtami and Krishna Janmashtami in many states of India.it is the festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna.krishna is also known as the eighth avatar of Vishnu god.celebration of this festival is done mainly on the eighth day of Krishna paksha(Ashtami) according to  Hindu calendar.it totally depends on the Hindu calendar whether it prefers the day of Janmashtami on the new moon or full moon day, which is essentially be celebrated in the month of August or September.


Part of the Janmashtami celebration includes the following activities like-: devotional songs,dance-drama enactments or acts that depict the story of Bhagavata Purana(such as Krishna Lila or ras Lila), Upvasa (fasting), Ratri Jagran, etc. Majorly Vrindavan and Mathura are the major celebration cities as it is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Moreover, it is celebrated in many states of India with full enjoyment and religious belief. Nandotsav (a festival which celebrates the distribution of gifts by nandu baba to village people or their respective community in honor of the birth of Lord Krishna )is just an occasion done on another day or that time only when Janmashtami is celebrated.

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Krishna Janmashtami Pictures

Krishna Janmashtami Images

Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami Status & Quotes

This year JANAMASHTMI 202O  is celebrated on 11 as well as 12 august(Tuesday-Wednesday) according to the Hindu mythological calendar confronts.while if we talk about the southern states of India like-: Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc., would have their Krishna Janmashtami or Krishna Jayanti celebration on September 10 as per their particular religious perspective. According to Purnimantha and Amanta calendar, this festival will lie in Bhadrapad and Shravan respectively in this year. But if we look according to the English calendar it took place mainly in the month of August till September or as on the exact date which took place on the lunar cycle.

  •  “May Lord Krishna steal all your worries and give you happiness on the holy occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.”
  • “Let there be love and laughter in your life with Lord Krishna’s blessings. Happy Janmashtami!”1an859kg
  • “May Lord Krishna give you strength and inspire you to face all problems in life with great courage. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!”
  • “May Lord Krishna always be with you and protect you and your loved ones.” Happy Krishna Janmashtami!”

Dahi -handi was the main activity done on the next day of this festival, as to mark the event of Krishna Ji fond of eating Makhan or Dahi. on this day there are various teams who participate in this event for grabbing that matki of Makhan or Dahi and whoever wons got it. It could be seen as fun for many people to watch that.

We are hereby surviving the pandemic situation of COVID-19  and are be really trying hard or making all possible ways to get out of this attack of the Chinese virus as soon as possible. In 2020, there will be no celebration of Dahi handi or many other activities of Janmashtami as per the Government mentioned guidelines just to avoid the situation of the crowd altogether. Stay tuned with Getindianews for Janmashtami’s quotes, WhatsApp images, and further information.



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