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Koramangala Accident: 7 killed in Audi car crash including DMK MLA’s son


There have been some new revelations following the case of the death of 7 people who have died in a car accident in Bengaluru, it has been stated sources, the group was returning from a trip as went to Bengaluru and were coming back to Hosur. The son of a DMK MLA who belongs to Tamil Nadu was one of the people among the group of 7 and all of them have lost their lives in the car accident which took place on Koramangala in Bengaluru on 31st August in the morning as they were returning to Hosur.

Koramangala Accident

Koramangala Accident

It has been stated by the police, three women and 4 men were traveling in the car, the driver lost control of the vehicle and the car went over the footpath before it hit the compound wall of a bank. The incident took place at 1:30 am, The SUV collided with the wall with such intensity that it got completely damaged, it was a five-seater car having seven people in the vehicle, the incident got recorded on the CCTV camera which was stated by the police officer.

and as the incident took place, employees of the hotel who were in the vicinity and a few passers-by tried to pull the people from the vehicle before they alerted Adugodi police. The passengers were completely trapped inside the vehicle which was destroyed in a terrible manner, rescuers were using force to open the doors to get them out, the witnesses have stated they saw smoke coming out from the engine.

It has been further stated by the police the people were fearing that the vehicle is going to catch fire and in order to save the day, they applied water to the heating engine in order to save the day. It has been further stated by the witnesses, there was one person who appeared to be alive and the person was on his way to the hospital but he was declared dead on the way to the hospital.

The senior police officer went to the place to investigate the whole scenario. It is sad, 7 young lives were lost in the incident, they all were coming from a trip and it became trgaic for them and their respective families, it has not been stated as of yet if they were drunk or not. There are going to be some more revelations and we will be updating you about as soon as something comes under our radar.

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