Home Entertainment Who is Korala Maan wife, Amanpreet Kaur? Age, Instagram, and, more!

Who is Korala Maan wife, Amanpreet Kaur? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who is Korala Maan wife, Amanpreet Kaur? Age, Instagram, and, more!: The popular artist who has given the Punjabi music industry superhit song like Filmy Scene and Barood Dil is no longer a bachelor now. Korala Maan has finally got married, all of a sudden for the public, in a grand wedding ceremony which was attended by many Punjabi artists. You might see his many wedding photos and videos where he enjoyed so much and looked very amazing. Many popular singers like Sidu Moosewala, R Nait, and other singers were present there to give their love and blessings to the newlywed couple. His wife looked very beautiful in her wedding dress and she also enjoyed it so much. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Korala Maan

Who is Korala Maan wife, Amanpreet Kaur?

Legally speaking, Korala Maan is now a married person and his wife’s name is Amanpreet Kaur. On January 25, 2022, Korala Mann and Amanpreet Kaur exchanged their vows and now they are officially wed couple. But we didn’t know much information (like his profession, what he will do) about her husband. As of now, we only know the name of the bride and know that his family background was non-filmy.

Not having much information about him about the wedding and story of Korala Mann and his beloved wife. Our sources are trying to get more and more information. We will update this article very soon once we get more details about him. Both the bride and the groom looked super amazing and perfect together. Amanpreet Kaur was looking awesome as a bride. You can check out her photographs here.

Korala Maan wife name, age, instagram

Besides this, talking about their families. So, their families were also amazing in dancing and get to get arrangements. The whole premises where the wedding ceremony was celebrated was chosen by both the families. Some sources even say that when they are choosing the premises they tell to the managers that everything should be perfect. From serving the dinner to decorating the location. From your end, there should be no mistake while making the arrangements.


People are eager to know what will the bride do but unfortunately, we did not find any answers as of now. Many people who attend their wedding ceremony, like the decorations, the arrangements, especially when it comes to dancing. Most of them were getting mad at dancing, some were actually dancing while some were dancing in a little bit different way. Popular singers like Sidhu Mosse Wala, R Nait were also joined in the ceremony and did very well in singing as their profession is singing. So, they were actually pretty excellent in his profession.

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