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Kochi: Rj Anannyah’s Partner Jiju Raj Found Dead At A Friend’s Place


There has been a case of a 36-year-old Jiju Raj who has been found dead at a friend’s place in Kochi on Friday in the afternoon which has happened after the death of the first transgender RJ Anannyah Kumari Alex’s death, the death of the couple is definitely connected to each other this has happened just after two days of Anannyah Kumari’s death.

Rj Anannyah

He was the native of Thaikavu village in the district of Thiruvananthapuram district and he was 36 years old which has been stated by the police, she was found hanging in the bedroom in the apartment on Tuesday, she stated earlier that she was suffering from serious mental health issues as she was having gender reassignment surgery in the year 2020 but it wasn’t successful and she further stated that there were some surgical errors that led to serious health issues for her.

And it has been stated by the police that Jiju has committed suicide following up the death of his better half as he went through depression after her death and that is the cause of his death, After died, Jiju shifted to one of his friend’s places which are in Kochi as he was feeling pretty numb and lonely and to fill the void he went to his friend’s place, and then it was found out that on Friday he has committed suicide as his friend returned to his home which has been stated by the police.

If anyone is suffering from depression then please get medical assistance as it is a medical condition and there is no shame in telling this to someone that you are going through depression, it is something that is going to eat you up if you are not going to go to a doctor as it is something that is about life and death as you can see in this case, two people have died because of it so this is an advice for everyone that if you are suffering from depression then please talk to your loved ones and if you are still not feeling well then do go for medical assistance.

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