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Knight Street Bridge Accident: Richmond’s Knight Street Bridge Partially Closed Due To Truck Fire


There has been an accident which ahs took place in Richmond and it seems like the accident has caused a traffic mess for the people who are trying to take the bridge Knight Street, the reason of the traffic is vehicle fire which has happened on Wednesday. There is also a video of the scene which is being circulated on the internet as of this point in time and it shows a large fire which has consumed a whole truck just after 11:00 am, this happened and shortly after the emergency crew came for the rescue in the area and the traffic was rerouted after the scene.

Knight Street Bridge Accident

Knight Street Bridge Accident

There were heavy delays which were being reported as the drivers were trying to get between Vancouver and Richmond, it was stated in another social media post, people saw the driver get out and run as everyone saw the fire coming out of the truck if we talk about 1:00 pm, it seems like the traffic has been reopened to a single lane.

The traffic is being stated to be extremely heavy when it comes to the Knight street bridge, there were delays that were remaining for the Queensborough bridge and the Oak Street Bridge as many of the people took them as the alternate routes.

This is a developing story as of now, the authorities are investigating the whole scenario as of now and they are going to be coming up with revelations pretty soon, it has not been told by the authorities as of yet as to what was the reason behind the fire in the truck, there has been no mentioning of the name of the driver, firefighters rescued the whole situation by fighting out with the fire.

It seems like the investigation is still going on as this has happened pretty recently, there is going to be a statement by the authorities in no time and we are going to be updating you about the story if anything important comes up relating to the story, as of now we have shared all of the information about the case which is in the public domain.

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