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Kiryu Coco Graduation Reason Reddit: Why Kiryu Coco Announces Her Graduation From Hololive?


Famous VTuber Kiryu Coco declared in a video uploaded on Thursday, 9th June 2021 her graduation from Hololive along with the last stream is forthcoming in a few weeks, VTuber admirers and especially those congregated on Reddit are especially sad. The admirers are feeling very upset and not accepting the fact that they will not watch Kiryu Coco after July. The fans are constantly searching why she is leaving Hololive and what is the reason behind it. In this article, we are sharing all the possible details of VTuber Kiryu Coco so read it from its start to end.

Kiryu Coco Graduation Reason Reddit

Kiryu Coco Graduation Reason Reddit

Kiryu explained in the twelve minutes long video about her final stream and she will be graduating and leaving Hololive as she will stop her actions on Thursday, 1st June 2021 with the last stream. Now the main question is why she is graduating and in this answer, she gave the simple reply with a feeling of apology “There are many things which I can not explain to you and why I am graduating, in answer to this question also I can simply not telling you anything at all, but I also know this fact it is not a satisfying answer to not listen to a reason.”

After her graduation, the membership of Kiryu Coco’s channel and the content for the members will be available only for the 3 months after the completion of her graduation. So it seems the Kiryu Coco channel will be shut in October 2021. Besides, admirers send in present, watch Hololive’s.

Why Kiryu Coco Announces Her Graduation From Hololive

Kiryu Coco is a well-known VTubers of Hololive and Cover. Much particularly Kiryu Coco is a bilingual Vtuber in both languages Japanese as well as in English. She registered her debut in 2019 December and is nicknamed Chairman/ Kaichou due to her high values honor and justice and as a testimonial to the yakuza hierarchy. From the Yakuza series, her favorite character is Kiryu.

Kiryu Coco crossed 100,000 subscribers within 1 month on the video uploading app Youtube and exceed 1 million subscribers on 17th February 2021.

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