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Kirk Norcross Mom and Dad – Where Is Julie Lloyd Now? Parents Details


Kirk Norcross Mom and Dad – Where Is Julie Lloyd Now? Parents Details: Kirk Norcross, are a really famous and well-known TV personality who has been recently lost his father. The death of his father is so tragic as he was under the pressure of money and with some financial issues in his life which is in for him. So he took a most disheartening step which Shatered Krick’s life. He used to love his father a lot and they both had the strongest bond with each other. This is the most heartbreaking and hardest time for him as he never ever thought that his father came into such a most heart-shivering step. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Kirk Norcross

Kirk Norcross Mom and Dad

The latest tells you that his father attempted suicide age of 57 and this made an entire social media and his fans used to take over to Twitter pay tribute to his father’s thoughts for him. This there has been news in which Krick reported that, ” he tried to contact his dad but she wasn’t able to on time and that what hurts him so hard. When Krick got to know that his father was attempting suicide he tried to pass a window to get Insight he tried his best to save his father’s life but he failed.

His mother Julie is unknown and there is no activeness of her’s on any of the social media platforms. So we do not have much information about her once she will receive it will going to be updated on the same platform.

Let’s know about the Krick family and his children:-

He is a blessed father of two children as is from his ex-girlfriend named Danielle Louise Carr. Just like this, he received a baby girl with another girlfriend whose name is Holli Willis. So he is a proud father of two children.

Well as per social media or other sources he isn’t married yet currently he is dating or in a relationship with his girlfriend Tanika. And she already has a daughter from her ex-husband whose name is David. If you would like to visit his Instagram account then his handle is
@Krik_norcoss. Has 424 k followers on his Instagram account and it is jammed up with lots of pictures of him and his family.

He is still is best in his career and all he wants is to earn or gain more Fame with his hard work.

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