Home News Kinoti Arrested: Why was DCI boss Kinoti jailed for 4 months? Explained

Kinoti Arrested: Why was DCI boss Kinoti jailed for 4 months? Explained


Kinoti Arrested: Why was DCI boss Kinoti jailed for 4 months? Explained: It seems like DCI Director George Kinoti has been sentenced to four months imprisonment for failing to obey the court order requiring him to release firearms belonging to businessman Jimi Wanjigi, Kinoti is required to surrender to prison within seven days failure to which the Inspector General of police should effect a warrant against him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kinoti Arrested

Kinoti Arrested 

The warrant is going to be executed by the IG of police fails to execute the warrant, the same shall remain valid and should be executed anytime including when Kinoti leaves the office of the DCI, this has been stated by Judge Mrima. High court judge Anthony Mrima had directed the DCI, inspector general of police, and the DPP to return all firearms and ammunition which they have taken from Wanjigi’s residence in the year 2017.


Mrima is going to be issuing the directive, this has been stated that the state has acted irrationally by taking Wanjigi’s guns while he was holding a valid license for the same, Wanjigi filed a case against them, he has filed a contempt of court proceedings against the DCI for failing to comply with the judge’s orders.

Why was DCI boss Kinoti jailed for 4 months?

He wants them to be committed to civil jail, Kinoti has chosen to rely on an affidavit dating to 22nd July to show the cause as to why he should not be sentenced for being in contempt to court, the decision has been communicated to Wanjigi. Kinoti has stated that Wanjigi is not allowed to hold, possess or own any kind of firearm until the license is reinstated by the firearm licensing board.

Kinoti has stated that he is aware of Wanjigi’s license which has been previously revoked and the same reinstated upon the appeal, the matter is still pending at the Court of Appeal, it has been claimed by DCI, some of the firearms held by Wanjigi are high precision military firearms which are not authorized to be held by civilians in Kenya under the Firearms act.

The initial order has been to return the firearm which has been issued by the judge dating to 21st June 2019, there are going to be further revelations in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes to provide you with details as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the story.

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