Home Entertainment Kim Raisner Horse Video Explained: German Coach Suspended For Hitting Horse: WATCH

Kim Raisner Horse Video Explained: German Coach Suspended For Hitting Horse: WATCH


There was an Olympic Women modern pentathlon competition which has been made a German coach float her name in the headlines. She has been unable to control her horse so that she can complete the equestrian portion. The match was played in Tokyo Japan under the summer Olympics 2020, on Friday, 6th August 2021. The competition was going so well and it seems interested ing ti the viewers, They were enjoying it but they use to be shocked and laugh when they saw the reactions of the German coach on the field.

Kim Raisner Horse Video Explained

Kim Raisner Horse Video Explained

Her action during a competition has become viral and people are reacting against it. As she has been hit her horse while she is unable to compete for the horse in competitions. people are saying other what she has been done with her horse is unacceptable and she must respect her horses. Whereas if we talk on a video then in this you will going to see that ‘she ties hard to complete the competition but was unable to control a horse. And alter she was started to cry. Then she uses to sit on the ground and keep on crying.”

So as per the TV footage, Kim Raisner leaned over a fence to make a horse strike, but it denies jumping a fence in the jumping around. Whereas the coach is disheartening as she lost a chance to win to register a gold medal at her name.  Later the coach has been captured on a camera while she was hitting a horse and this lead to her suspension from her post.

The International Modern Pentathlon Union has given a statement which reads, “in the footage, we can see Raisner trying to store a horse and her action was appeared to be aviation with a horse.

Let’s take look at the Susapanesion of Raisner:-

The suspension of Raisner is for all the upcoming Tokyo Olympics matches. Whereas there is confusion whatever she will be going to be joining again on Saturday or not as her suspension is till Sunday only. So to know more regards the same stay tuned to us and grab all the upcoming updates by following us.


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