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Killer Kau Funeral Services: Amapiano Awards ‘Raising Funds’ For Killer Kau and Mpura Funerals


One of the non-profit organizations naming Amapiano Awards is working hard towards starting off an initiative to support the Amapiano artist who has died recently in a car accident that has taken the lives of many young stars. There has been a statement which has been shared by Sowetan’s sister to the publication TshisaLIVE, it has been stated by the organization, they are in touch with the family and they are going to be further assisting any artist such as Mpura and Killer Kau and is also going to be covering for the artists in the future.

Killer Kau Funeral Services

Killer Kau Funeral Services

They are going to be paying tribute to the artists who have contributed immensely when it comes to the entertainment industry and when it comes to preserve and promote the legacy of the artists. The three people who have died on Saturday are Khanya Hadebe, Mpura, and Killer Kau who have died on Saturday in a tragic accident. It has been stated by the director and founder of the Awards, families of the artist also deserve to be free of a financial burden as their loved ones have died doing what they love.

There are many celebrities who are sharing the post which is for the contribution of Hadebe’s family and the details of the bank account are mentioned in the post, the post is being shared heavily by the people in order to help them out. it has also been shared by the major league DJs as they are planning on having a balcony mix in the honor of Mpura as they have revealed they spoke to the Amapiano star the night before he died as they were working on the next project which they were creating together.

It has been stated by them, he was a guy who was wanted his dreams to become reality, it is all he has cared about, he always had so much to prove and his drive was something which scared off so many artists as he was truly on the road to greatness and he didn’t mind to take on a challenge. the artist was going to be releasing his balcony mix but it seems like it is not going to be experienced by his fans which is a pretty sad scenario to see.

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