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Does Kickstarter Author Brandon Sanderson Have A Wife? Revealed


Does Kickstarter Author Brandon Sanderson Have A Wife? Revealed: Recently, the most famous and renowned Brandson Sanderson made an announcement about his new books on social media platforms. As everyone knows that Brandon Sanderson is one of the most prominent and established authors, who has a huge name and fame in the world of writers. He is one of the most talented and intelligent authors. He has been in the headlines since he announced the release of his new books. Along with this, many people have also been searching for details about his life such as his wife, children, and so on. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the author and his life. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brandon Sanderson

Who Is Brandon Sanderson’s Wife?

Brandon Sanderson is an American author of epic fantasy and science fiction. He was born on 19 December 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska, US. He is well-recognized for the Cosmere fictional universe. He is a genius personality. He is the creator of Sanderson’s Law of Magic. He is mainly notable for his several works including the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Achieve. Recently, he announced his news books’ release after which his fans are so excited and also expressed their respect towards him.

Brandon Sanderson tied the knot with Emily Bushman who is a business manager. She is also serving as an advisor and alpha reader of the work of her husband. As per the sources, Emily and Brandson met each other through a blind date in the year 2005 which was set by the visual artist Issac Stewart. After a year, the couple got married. The couple has three amazing sons. They are proud parents of their three sons.

Does Kickstarter Author Brandon Sanderson Have A Wife?

She is a business manager of Dragonsteel Entertainment. She was also an English teacher in the early years of her career. After meeting Brandson, she became the business manager for him by actively competing in the writing groups, advising on the published works. Also, she often plans events and tours for her husband.

The social media users and his fans are very excited after his recent announcement regarding his new books. Especially, Twitter and Reddit users are going crazy. The author has revealed that he wrote 5 extra novels during the time of the pandemic. It was absolutely a big surprise for all the fans of the author who are now impatiently for the books. While making the announcement, he was happier. Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding the article.

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