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Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Pass Casino Shooting – Man Arrested At Eagle Pass Casino


Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Pass Casino Shooting – Man Arrested At Eagle Pass Casino: A tragic incident has happened outside of the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino which caught the headlines of the newspaper. The shooting has happened in Eagle Pass overnight has left everyone in a big shocked and frightened. This tragic incident was reported outside the casino on Sunday morning, 5th December 2021. The police authorities took the security responsibility and give the surety that this kind of incident would not repeat again. During the investigation, a 29-year old suspect was detained for his participation in this tragic shooting, but it is not known yet at this time that the accused will face any charges. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Pass Casino Shooting

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Pass Casino Shooting

An automobile was also discovered around 12:50 AM on FM 2644 (EI Indio Road). One apprehends has been made in this matter till now. The police deputies have already begun their investigation based on their investigations and witness on the incident spot.

Man Arrested in Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Pass Casino Shooting

The police officers were informed that a motor vehicle possibly emerged in a firing and they might be heading towards Carrizo Springs. A suspected person has been apprehended by the police and suspected his engagement in the firing incident at the Eagle Pass Casino. The cops apprehended the man and currently investigating the case. No major proofs and evidence have yet been discovered in the case of the Kickapoo shooting.

The news of a lethal shooting is shocking. The safety and well-being of those who emerged have been reported as lucky, with no wounds to report at this time. The situation is taken up seriously by the police officials. The name of the suspected person is not known yet due to the safety of the case.

Firing In Eagle Pass Casino

The tragic incident story was first shared by the Eagle Pass Casino on the official Facebook page of the casino. This sad incident has happened has left many wondering what could have caused such a lethal tragedy in one small business community but this has not been an isolated incident at all by considering how much other businesses like restaurants and hotels nearby reported being played havoc with by something similar last night. After an hour of the incident, the casino was again opened as normal. The lethal shooting incident has happened outside the hotel and casino at the night.

What Happened So Far?

The cops are still investigating the incident and no other information has been disclosed yet. A man was apprehended in link with the shooting which has happened at Eagle Pass Casino, as per deputies. They were able to track the location of the suspect after checking an unknown motor vehicle on road.

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