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Khloé Kardashian Instagram: Why did Fans Are Trolling Khloé Kardashian For Her Recent Instagram Story? Explained


Khloé Kardashian Instagram: Why did Fans Are Trolling Khloé Kardashian For Her Recent Instagram Story? Explained: Khloé Kardashian used to be one of the public’s favorite Kardashian-Jenner family members, known for her love of wrestling, playful jobs, and sense of humor. Fans, on the other hand, are mocking Kardashian these days because of her tumultuous relationship with Tristan Thompson. Thompson, who is currently engaged in yet another cheating controversy, has been silent about his relationship with Kardashian. However, in recent days, the reality star has been posting on Instagram, and one post has gotten people talking, ridiculing Kardashian’s habit of sharing inspiring phrases. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Khloé Kardashian Instagram

Khloé Kardashian Instagram Story

Why are Fans making fun of her by posting a single Instagram story

“I can’t believe no one in that family has sat her down and informed her how embarrassing this is for her life and soul,” one Reddit user wrote. It makes me cringe.”

“I roll my eyes at these phrases not only because of the hypocrisy but also because they all say the same thing: ‘Be yourself, be kind, live life your way without harming others,” another said. Why do you need to be reminded of these basic concepts on a regular basis?”

“This reads like she’s pushing people to be doormats like herself,” one fan said of Kardashian’s demeanor.


Her fans mostly believed that he has done less with herself and more to do with Thompson. Reports say that Thompson had fathered a baby with the Houston-based personal trainer named Maralee Nichols. Thompson admitted to becoming sexual with Nicholas in early 2021, while he was still dating Kardashian, and the trainer is now suing Thompson for child support.

Thompson hasn’t been involved in a cheating issue before realizing the fact that this isn’t the first time. Thompson was allegedly captured on camera getting intimate with many women only days before Kardashian gave birth to the daughter she shares with Thompson. He was forgiven by Kardashian, and the two were able to move on.

Thompson was then accused of kissing Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, in early 2019. Despite everything, Kardashian has been able to sort things out with Thompson, but there is much embarrassment to say it publically and to his followers. But by having so many followers the comments that they’re getting were so embarrassing and so upset to a person that if one sees that there is a chance he/she will not see tomorrow. The hurt that they are getting from the audience, will damage the image of herself to the public.

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