One more Bollywood’s breaking news that a new movie called Khaali Peeli starring Ananya Pandey & Ishaan Khatter has released a trailer on youtube and this is one of the most dislike taking videos. Giving dislikes on the teasers of Bollywood movies in trend because before a couple of days a teaser of Sadak 2 has released on youtube and the teaser video got 12 million dislikes which makes a huge difference itself. Indian audience is not so happy with the upcoming projects in which star kids will be appearing, read this article till the end so that you will get a clear image of the circumstances of Bollywood.

Khaali Peeli

As we all know that Bollywood is not giving proper chance to those who deserve but only giving to those who belong to Bollywood or having the Bollywood background. After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, this anger came into force. Hence most of the upcoming movies in which the star cast will include some of the faces of star kids such as Ananya Pandey, Ishan Khatter, Varun Dhawan and Sonam Kapoor E.T.C

This anger and hatred have also wrapped the talented kids of Bollywood such as Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor. Many of the stars who do not deserve they are also suffering from this hate which can cause a huge difference in themselves because hatred is necessary because the current situation of Bollywood is not going on the right path hence the audience took this opportunity to bring the entertainment to the right path.

As we all heard that there is nepotism in Bollywood but deep inside we all know that nepotism is not the main evil because it is everywhere whether you are in Bollywood or employment. Everyone is working hard to make their kids future secure and bright so that the ups and downs which they have faced, their kids would not. We are not promoting nepotism because it can cause too much negative and also the unwanted circumstances as we have seen star kids are facing nowadays. We are also not against this because as we have told you that we are working for making our kid’s future secure so that they will not face the ups and downs we are going through. All you need to know that is deserves should be reserve not reserve should be deserve.

As we all know that the Indian audience is do not want any star kid on the silver screen however this is good or not but this moment came into force after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput and Indian and also the entire audience across the world wants a change and the change is affecting everyone. Stay tuned for further updates and we hope that you are able to differentiate between deserving and reserve…


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