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KGF SP Office Shifting: Bandh in Kolar Gold Fields over SP office shifting


KGF SP Office Shifting: KGF Police force is making the news headlines after they received orders for their emerging with Kolar district police. Now, you might be wondering why is this happening. There reason behind this but due to this, the KGF Police force is parking the protest now. As they are completely against it hence they took the decision to spark a protest. This is a bit confusing so stay glued to us to grab the whole story. Let us tell you that this is the most attended situation for the entire KGF police force. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

kgf sp office shifting

KGF SP Office Shifting

The Supredented of Police, KGF, Office ie going to be remained closed as there is a new office opening of “Supredented of Police” in the Vijayanagar district. The projects take their way by the police force on Wednesday. And all these raise due to the transfer of SP’s KGF, llakkiya karunagran has been replaced without informing. The political authorities have been called for the Bandh ceremony from 6 am to 6 pm on Monday in KGF. He was the last vspog KGF. A senior IPS officer makes a bid to sacrifice a post of KGF SP’s for the politicians.

“There isn’t much reality in this and is so then the police is facing the biggest challenge as they have to save the 12,000-acre land which si belongs to Bharat Gold Mines and also for the child mines those are close.  There are still values in the closed mined hence it is so important to protect them. Well, there are numerous of person who has been lost their lives in the mines due to the suffocation.

So there is a need pf the SP post so that it can handle these situations. A deputy superintendent can’t able to handle the KGF. And if something like this happens then the land will slip out the hands,” I talk about the office then it is one of the oldest offices in Karnataka. As per the sources and records, it was established during the British Raj and the colonial hangover is another name of some of the stations. It has 965 police personnel in the roll.

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