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Key Indices Nosedive – Investors Slip Into Risk-Off Mode


Recently there is a concern all over the world and the risk hi bothering the world’s largest economies and governments as the matter is of rising inflation and the usability in the economy drive as it was first hit by the coved-19 pandemics and now it reduced mining of crude oil and hiking prices of oil and leading to inflation in the market globally ads this is the result of Russia Ukraine war as many sanctions are put on Russia which made Russian rising the prices as Russia is a major supplier of oil and gas, as the situation is advancing it showed its effects of the stock market and also o the pocket of the common man. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Key Indices

As a report and information released by the experts on the stock market, this is a Sensex nifty has come back to one year from its present points, BSE Sensex couldn’t hold gains Sensex frequency varies from 1045 pts values of RS 51495.79 to an NSE nifty value 331.55 pts equity capital of Rs 15360.60. Nestle India all stokes are coming close in the red zone as the Sensex lost 3824.49 pts or 6.91% in one year.

Equity level persisted for the fifth straight day to finish at over one year low on this Thursday, as interlinked weak global capitals crises, after us federal reserve, gave a hiked rates by 75pts to tame prevailing inflation, and the US central bank has given its highest bank interest rate in the history of 40 years since  1984

US central banks pointed to the slow growth of the US economy, and across the board, selling havoc on the domestic commodities despite a small rally in morning trade BSE attained a Sensex value which it failed to retain the gains and fall to 1045.60 points, 1.99% to settle at  51495.79 the fall behind 1 year, investors lost rs 5.54 lack crores on Thursday session and market capitalization of all BSE listed firms holding at 23920631.65 crores

Head at Geojit Financial Services Mr. Vinod said at this time the safest sectors are those which are least in a touch of inflation and least contacted with fastening policies like finance and services, and defending firms from the sectors like consumption, IT, Pharma, Telecom are Worthwhile on a long-term basis. another expert S Ranganatha, head at LKP Security services said the street prepares for the loaded by the central banks in an attempt to stop rising inflation, as this one-year back may be seen on the street. in the future as only a few ferms are showing the green tick for the market condition. foreign institutional investors remained the net sellers for the shares equity of capital of Rs 3531.15 crore on Wednesday, as per exchange data. as institutions are tata steel tech Mahindra, Bharat airtel,  Wipro, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, NTPC, bajaj finance falls in the cader points of as much as 6.04 % low.

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